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Ozzy Out House Pty Ltd has been established since 2000. It is a family owned business that has been growing its fleet of Mobile bathrooms, Portable Toilets and Showers Units every year.

Our Mobile Bathroom Units have been designed and built by Ozzy Outhouse.

 The idea of a Mobile Bathroom Unit came about by simply trying to help out people while they are renovating. It enables the customer  to have another bathroom to use.  The unit includes a toilet, shower, bath and hand basin.

The Mobile Bathroom Units are also very popular for special events ie Weddings, corporate events and an extra bathroom while guests are staying.

The Portable Toilets & Shower Units are also designed and built by Ozzy Outhouse.

We offer different types of Portable Units: Sewer connect toilets, pump out toilets, Event toilets and Builders site toilet units.

Fresh flushing Sewer connect toilets are just like a normal flushing toilet. The Unit connects directly to a sewer point via a standard 100mm plumbing pipe.

Pump Out Toilets have been designed with a pump that connects to a sewer service allowing the toilet to be set up in a wider variety of locations.

Event Toilets Units are prefect when there is no sewer available. Our Event Toilets are very clean and presentable and do not smell like a chemical toilet!!

Builders Site Toilets are just like our fresh flushing toilets that connect to a sewer point on a building site. Mostly used for long term construction sites.

We also have Building site Chemical Toilets that are cleaning and serviced weekly or fortnightly. 

Portable Shower Units are just like a normal shower.  A garden hose connects to the unit to supply cold water. Hot water is usually connected from a hot water service. However, if a hot water service is inaccessible, Ozzy Outhouse will provide our very own hot water source. Options include electricity or gas powered hot water systems.

All our products are delivered, set up and picked up by our licenced plumbers. For more information on our plumbing experience, visit our M.R Osmond Plumbing page.

Ozzy Outhouse Hire  is Australian made and owned.

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Address Seven Hills, NSW 2147
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